Monday, February 20, 2006

Road Trip Revelations

This weekend was spent in Ottawa, our nation’s capital...

The idea was to go down there to see my brother play in his last regular season game with the Ottawa GeeGees. What ended up happening was a road trip of astronomical proportions. It was a reversal of sorts, as it was now my turn to be a part of my brother's scene. (Back in the day I took my then 15 year old Brother to party it up at my university.... I ended up spending most of the night keeping all of my girlfriends away from him.) This time I was meeting and partying with all of his friends, and it was wild to say the least... Getting to know my brother in his own environment was the icing on the cake.

Here's what I learnt on this Road Trip of Revelations:

Revelation one: My brother is a musical genius. This past year he stole my guitar, brought it to university and proceeded to teach himself to play it. He wrote a few songs on it to boot. He played the songs this weekend and I found myself screaming "Who are you and what have you done with my brother!!!" (that might have been the tequila talking though....)

that takes us to...

Revelation two: Never EVER combine Tequila, JD and Liquid Cocaine shots in one night (Bad news for all those who have to witness the defiling of a coat) Especially Bad news when you have to get up 2 hours after falling asleep to have breakfast with your family.

Revelation three: No matter how crazy things get... it ain't over until the fat lady sings... Things can always get crazier. You may end up hearing the most random thing at a truck stop; you just might hear the following announcement over the loudspeaker at Flying J's "Attention... Shower 147 is ready... I repeat... Shower 1... 4...7... is ready” <---- What the hell does that mean?!?! I got out of there before I could find out.

Revelation four: You're never too old to realize that your little, snot nosed, Barbie killing brother has grown up into a great and impressive young man.

So Greg... to you I raise my glass, kick up my leg flamboyantly and say eeeYES!


Gillian said...

Hey Trish!!

Scott and I stalked your brother on the Ottawa U website. Checked out his photo gallery. You must be proud- he's hot! LOL


kitkat said...

Road trips always make for great memories, in my opinion. Sounds like you had a great time. You know, reading your blog always makes me feel good because you always have such fun times!

Anonymous said...

Ha - I feel like I was there! And, revelation #2 (and the liquid cocaine memory) is just too classic. Glad to hear your bro is turning into a swell young man. I've only met him once - and you've made me so proud of him!