Tuesday, January 24, 2006

South Park Me

I am positively addicted to this site!

You can make South Park versions of yourself and your friends... If you only knew how many I've made up until now... you'd be appalled!

*** DISCLAIMER***... you will become addicted, you will give up friends and parties and probably even food to make just one more South Park version of your every mood...

You were WARNED!!


Slade said...

this is one hella cool idea...I'm going there right now!

By the way, you are the cutest on that show so far!

Seema said...

GIRL! Let me tell you that I totally love the site... I have Sleepy Seema, Sporty Seema, Skiing Seema, Chilling Seema, Winter Seema, Superwoman Seema, Clubbing Seema, Heavenly Seema... shall I go on? Cause I can!!! It is too addictive! If you haven't tried, stop reading and go try it! Why are you still reading people????

Maybe I need a Slightly Fanatical Seema.... hmmm.... :)

Quel said...

Great. There are too many combinations! How can you make just one?

Mel said...

Mmmm! Butter chicken... Tender pieces of chicken marinated in a deliciously blended sauce of indian spices. Am I making you crave it yet? ;) YUMMY.
Thanks for adding my link!!

Faltenin said...

Arf - I was just about to thank you for your blog, after p*ssing myself watching Dance White boy Dance - and Mel goes and mentions BUTTER CHICKEN

Damn (salivates)

Back on track

Thanks for badly needed smiles!