Sunday, October 22, 2006

off and away

So it's done! I am on my way to London... well, I will be on November 12th!

I decided that I needed a vacation, I deserved a vacation... so I got myself a vacation to my favorite city in the world. London!

I love everything about London; the free museums, the people, the dialect, and the culture. It's exciting and comforting to know that I'm finally at that point in my life when I can actually use the money that I work for, to do something that will make me truly happy.

I will be staying with an old friend of mine, which makes this adventure that much more enjoyable. The joys of reconnecting with a friend in a city that you love are many.

Hopefully the weather will cooporate with my plans... not that I have many plans yet... truthfully I just have one; to go on the slide art instalation currently at the Tate Modern Museum.

It's basically a giant slide for adults. hoorah!

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