Saturday, June 03, 2006

Fashion Cares

Fashion Cares...
... about AIDS awareness
... about raising money
... about looking good
... about nakedness
... about circus freaks
... about Pammy Anderson
... about "Lookin' for a new love baby, a new love!"
... about me having a fabulous time!

The Fashion Cares Gala 2006 was amazing! The show was basically a retrospective spanning the 20 years since it's beginings.

A picture's worth a thousand words, so in lieu of writing more, here are 10,000 words worth of pictures:

Mom and Me

They're naked... It's all bodypaint

my mom looks scared (hehehe)

Jodi Whatley??!? Posted by Picasa

She kept fixing her dress... since when is Pam modest I ask you? Posted by Picasa

Philosopher King Posted by Picasa

The B-Girls and a skater Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Did that girl have diamond dust on her Va-JJ?

Tricia said...

HeHeHe... I love the word Va-JJ... and yes sir-ree bob, that is one diamond va-jj!

Slade said...

love the body paint...hafta do that sometime!

PINKSandROSES said...

OHHHH looks like soo much fun!