Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cars and Boobies

This weekend I went to see my brother perform with a friend at the Cars and Boobies show... ok so it was just a car show, but there were alot of boobies around. I entered the convention center and immediately felt like I was transported to the set of The Fast and the Furious only without Paul Walker (sniff sniff) and with alot more of these: The room was filled to the brim with tricked out rides that had been pimped <-(oddly enough that statement applies to the "Models" as well as to the cars!)Now I put the word "models" in quotations because, as my cousin Mark says... "Anybody who puts on a mini skirt and a bikini top thinks she's a model at one of these things". Believe me, it's quite an experience to see a woman with her stomach exposed and hanging over her black mini, walking around in 6' clear heels... I mean who goes out and actually asks for clear stripper heels? I guess this question is based on the same principles as the age old, unanswerable question, "Who goes to the Hairdresser/Barber and says "
"Paco, give me a mullet! I'm in the mood for a little business in the front, and a PARTY in the back!)
Anyway, enough about boobies, mullets and six inch heels.

The cars were pretty amazing; they run the gamut of models and styles... The pictures below are of a seriously refurbished version of my parents car... A Saturn Ion!

Some of the cars were so pimped that they ran the risk of going overboard. There's no reason one needs a 32-inch TV on your dash, two TV's on the side of the seats, one TV behind the wheel, another one on the backside of your trunk, and a final one on the hood of your car! There just isn't that much television to watch, and something tells me that if you're spending that much time working on your car, you won't have enough friends to come over and watch any of them...


kitkat said...

6' = six feet. That made me laugh.

Not only will the person with all the TVs in the car not have friends, but he will also not have a roof over his head or food to eat! That stuff's unnecessary and so expensive--is it really worth it?

Mel said...

I personally think they should hire drag queens for car shows, they'd be less skanky!!