Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"So this is the New Year...

... and I have no resolutions, for self assigned penance, for problems with easy solutions" DCFC

It's that time again...

A time when people try to begin, and maintain a standard of living that is monstrous in its futility. Now, I could follow the masses and tell you that I'm "going to try to eat healthier", "exercise more", or "get organized", but I won't... 'cause, let's be honest here, no matter what I say, I won't consciously 1 do any of those things...

Here are a few of the resolutions that I can commit to:

1. Turn Concert going into an art form... or a part time job (I'm already on the verge of purchasing tickets to see Imogen Heap, and Metric)

2. Cave, and get basic cable (I've held out for soooooooo long, and I miss Gray and her Anatomy)

3. Do what I want... How I want... When I want to 2

4. Embrace MSN as my new, cheaper means of communication.

It's only a few days into January and I'm already half way through my list... This year's going to be a piece of cake.

1 I can't be held accountable for my subconscious, so I've left the real Resolutions up to her.

2 Of course rules of humanity and common sense will still apply.


kitkat said...

In all seriousness, you probably have the best idea about resolutions I've seen--resolve to do things you actually want to do and can achieve. Why set yourself up for failure? Have fun this year, going to concerts and watching tv.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan to me!! Maybe you sould make a resolution to become a band roadie...since you are going to sooooo many concerts


Quel said...

#1 sounds like fun!! I plan to go to more concerts this year too. I might actually get tickets to South by Southwest this year.

Sarah said...

sis - u have failed (and been mislead) in so many ways:

#1 > you failed to get us tix to Metric and you over booked our night of March 1st.

#2 > Grey's Anatomy is on CTV which you can (I do) get with simple rabbit ears.

#3 > well, i GUESS you achieved this - but that DOESN'T make up for 1 & 2

#4 > MSN cannot be embraced - it (along with myspace) is the root of all EVIL!

tooooo bad - better luck next year!!!

s to the b-tizzle.