Monday, November 14, 2005

Montreal Mon Dieu

So... I'm writing this post from my lunch break, in Montreal. I'm here eating Tiki-Ming which I'm sure is Cantonese for crappy Chinese food... I just found something that resembles corn... and tastes like corn... but is way too large to be corn... and yes I tasted the mysterious yellow kernel... Standards tend to lower when you realize that you're already eating crap... but enough about food.

I am in Montreal to work, and to heal (I am newly single, but I'm not going to talk about it because I promised myself long ago that this wasn't that type of blog). It's great to see all of my oldest friends again; and seeing as I'm going to be here for a month, it's a great chance for me to reconnect with all of them.

Now I grew up in Montreal, so I've always had a soft spot for it in my heart... and you know what they say about love... It's blind? (It turns out that this saying works for cities too...)

Things You Can Only Realize About Montreal When You Move Back There:

1) They are absolutely and positively the worlds' most crazy, maniacal, drivers!(It doesn't help that they try to fit three cars into what would normally be two lanes, because the lines are ambiguously drawn... and are considered as mere suggestions **)

2) True French is hardly spoken: It's more of a FrEnglish hybrid

3) People push you out of their way... even when you're not in their way. In fact... they will go out of their way to put you in their way... just so they can push you out of their way!

4) This place is full of metrosexuals. (It's scary to see so many men dressed better than me!)

On the plus side:

5) The shopping is phenomenal. I don't know how I'm going to carry it all home (My bags were already at a maximum when I left for Montreal)

6) It's not nearly as cold as I remember...

So be warned, that's the big city for ya!

** I saw a police car drive on the mini-side lane on the highway when it was packed with traffic. His car was practically sideways because he had driven the car up on one of those curved median thingies (and yes... thingies is the appropriate term.)


Anonymous said...

I think it lovely that you are able to hang out with your old buds in Montreal, esp. if they are the ones that I embarrased myself around!!

Though I do miss you terribly and can't wait until you come home. Johnny is here, ready and waiting for your return ;)

Anonymous said...

Ah Montreal - you got to love it.
I miss you, come back soon!

Slade said...

I love #3! It seems that people do that everywhere I go!

Anonymous said...

Montreal....sooooo many memories when I use to visit during the summer... swimming in your neighbour's pool, Le Ronde, the u-turn left hand turns,the endless visiting of relatives, and the huge spiders at Uncles house....ohhhhh the memories

b said...

the driving is nuts. whether walking or driving, i constantly feel like im going to get hit

Al said...

Driving anywhere in Quebec is dangerous. But I'll give them this, they maybe crazy drivers, but I bet they're more skillful drivers than people from Markham. I once sat there and watched a lady in Markham try to park her car. It tooks here 10 minutes and umpteen turns and when she was done, she couls barely open her door and she wasn't between the lines! A Montrealer would have careened into the same spot at about 40 km/hr. without a scratch.