Thursday, November 03, 2005

Blast from the Past

A few weeks back, I went to an Aqualung concert. It was the first time I had ever heard their music... and it was brilliant. The lead singer, Matt Hales sings like a freakin' British angel. I was pretty mesmerized by the whole experience, and had forgotten how great a concert, in a small venue, could be. It's a truly intimate experience. Anyway, being inspired by some of the more appealing photoblogs; I took these pictures of the band.... well really of Matt, 'cause he's pretty cute:


Slade said...

wow, what great photos! He IS cute...don't British accents get you all bubbly and giggly???

Seema said...

Trish! I'm so glad you girls came to the concert, it was amazing! The band was better than I had imagined, and how fun was it to be groupies! Too bad I never got the video with the CRAZY GROUPIE on it, then you could have included it in your blog... although the fact that she's mentioned on the band website was enough amusement for me! Matt was definitely sexy!

PINKSandROSES said...

uhh i just totally bought that cd and i love it. i'm sure it will be warped from me playing it all the time

Quel said...

Great photos! What kind of camera did you use? I have a pretty good camera, but my concert pictures NEVER come out that clear.

Very neat that you went to a concert and had never heard the band before. I would've never considered doing that. I might try that some time. Living in Austin, there is no shortage of opportunities to hear new bands in concert.

Tricia said...

SLADE: You are so right, there's nothing like an English accent to get me going.

SEEMA: You are my concert gurrrl!!! BFFL

PINKS: It's like we are the same person musically... well... except... you actually have talent, can play the guitar, and write your own music... Damn I feel old :)

QUEL: I discovered some of my favorite artists by seeing them in concert: Ben Harper, Sarah Harmer, Youth group and Aqualung... to name a few. Sometimes it's the best way. Just make sure you don't have to pay ridiculous prices; then it's always worth it!