Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Let's get Political

Now those of you that have been reading my blog know that I'm not one to get political. I usually just write about frivolous fun; today will be different. I have NEVER felt such hatred as I do at this very moment. I read a news report, a few days back, that fills me with such rage at the stupidity of this man. To give you a little background: A few days ago a congressman, from the US, said that if there were anymore terrorist strikes on National soil, that the US should retaliate by bombing MECCA, The Muslim holy site. Can you believe THAT! It was enough to make my hand start twitching, just itching to slap him! Here are a few excerpts, and my thoughts on one of the article about the "incident":

A Colorado congressman was merely "thinking outside the box" when he suggested the United States could bomb Mecca in retaliation for a terror strike by Muslim terrorists, his spokesman says.

OUT SIDE THE BOX! I'd say he's SOOOOOO far outside the proverbial box that he's probably in another box, one that's for Bigots and just plain stupid, yet dangerous people; I'm sure Hitler is in his box too! Maybe they get together and play I sunk your battleship... you know, just to see who has the biggest cahones

Republican Tom Tancredo was responding to a hypothetical question when he made the comments on a Florida radio station; he does not regret the statement and has nothing to apologize for if his remarks are kept in context.

I'm SORRY?!?!?! In what kind of context would stooping to the level of terrorists and BOMBING a HOLY site make this statement NOTHING to apologize for? Hmmm... Oh yes probably a meeting of the KKK, that would make it alright I guess!

The four-term congressman told WFLA radio in Orlando, Fla., that another hit on the U.S. from fundamentalists which outstripped the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks could be met by the U.S. "taking out their holy sites."

"You're talking about bombing Mecca," host Pat Campbell said.

"Yeah," responded Tancredo.

"What if you said we recognize this is the ultimate threat to the United States so this is the ultimate response. I'm just throwing out some ideas, because ... at that point in time you would be talking about taking the most draconian measures you could possibly imagine.

Now correct me if I'm wrong (and I know that none of you out there are afraid to do so) But isn't the US foreign policy of bombing the shit out of everything the REASON this stuff keeps happening! Sept 11th was a horrible and senseless event, and my heart still goes out to all of the people that lost family on that day. The idea of bombing someone else in retaliation, just because they are of the same faith as those that hurt you WILL NOT SOLVE ANYTHING!!!!! It only escalates the situation, and can NEVER bring anyone that was lost that day, back. Instead of revenge, the US should be trying to figure out how to LEARN from the mistakes that brought them to this point.

It just irks me to know that this guy isn't just a "nobody", he's someone who gets a say, someone who helps make the laws and the decisions in the US. How is it that we can continue to vote (dare I say...) extremists into a position of power. As far as I'm concerned, Tom, you're a terrorist too, and what's good enough for the gander... is good enough for the goose!

Seacrest Out!


Adrian said...


I never knew such stupid people existed. I mean, a public profile politician BLATANTLY spreading this crazy ass half baked idea around?

Besides being stupid and irrational, Im pretty sure that this interview has made its way into enemy hands and is being used to indoctrinate more murderers to carry out Jihad.


Jason said...

Why doesn't he take it a step further and just say the US should nuke the entire Middle East? It's as if he wants to encourage more anti-Americanism just to keep the war fires raging.

PINKSandROSES said...

i hate people. wait... let me rephrase that. I hate stupid ignorant people. I got kicked off of jury duty a month ago cause i cursed some man out and told him that he was ignorant.I totally understand!

kitkat said...

Sad, sad, sad. What's frightening is that there are a lot of people who probably heard that and thought to themselves that it was a good idea.

Tricia said...

Adrian: That's exactly it. He is perpetrating the stereotypical image of the stupid American that extremist Muslims are trying to destroy. He's basically playing chicken with other people's lives (I'm pretty sure that when the end comes, he and his republican buddies will be locked in a bunker somewhere, saying... "Oops... did we do that"

Jason Touché! I'm surprised that he didn't think of that. He must be "softening up"

Pinks That's awesome! Let them know what you really think!

kitkat Exactly, why don't people use their power for good!

Slade said...

T, I am soooo glad you decided to go policital for the sake of this post! Great job arguing your points! I am also glad that you brought this to my attention so that I can spread the awareness!

Why is it that we expect an apology from the 9/11 terrorist but can't give apologies for making statements such as these????

mlwhitt said...

This is clearly a case of some idiot not thinking about what he was saying.

Like Jason said I think he is just trying to stir up stuff. Sometimes I think everyone in D.C. want's another attack on us. The Liberals want to kiss and make up with the terrorist while the Republicians want to turn this into WWIII if it ain't already.