Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A coles notes version of... "My day; today"

...I saw a man wearing a short suit... Basically a suit jacket with a matching pair of shorts (well pressed, I might add). He had brown dress socks pulled up to his knees and was wearing wing tipped shoes?!?! Why do I never have my camera when it counts!

...I tried to pass another man on the street, we were going in opposite directions but kept trying to sidestep each other. At first it was funny, but then I realized that the reason he wasn't looking at where he was going, was because he had his eyes firmly locked on my chest. I gave him my best Ghetto stare (pinks, you can imagine what happens next) it doesn't even register with him because he's too focused on my rack. I would have appreciated a little subtlety!

...As I pass a homeless man on the street, I reach into my wallet to give him money; as he waits expectantly, I realize that I have nothing but a penny lodged in the corner of it. He wasn't too pleased.

...One of my contacts is all blurry so my depth perception is off. If I stub my toe one more time, I might just cut it off and be done with it!

...My apartment is a sauna, I should start charging people admission; then I could quit my job and be a rich woman.

Update: I just saw someone wearing a shirt that said "GIT ER DUN". That ROCKS!!


kitkat said...

Loved the "short suit" guy. Sounds like you should have introduced yourself--he's probably filthy rich from his time machine invention.

Adrian said...


The guy in shorts sounded really cool. Not that Id wanna dress like that, but to actually see it would be absolutely priceless.

All he needed to add to the ensemble would have been some golf clubs and he'd be on fire!

PINKSandROSES said...

ohh that makes me soo mad! fortunately i don't have a rack for men to stare at so i don't have that particular problem. I am a walking stick, it is very embarassing at times. You should try my next method. A swift kick to his lower region. So far this maneuver hasn't failed me yet.

Jason said...

Hey, I need a suit like that!