Monday, June 27, 2005

Who comes up with these signs anyway...

I went on a spontaneous trip last weekend (anything to get out of the city for a few days). Drew and I drove around the small towns of Ontario, and even ventured into New York State. We visited some of the Thousand Islands and on our way back we stayed in a fabulous bed and breakfast. It was basically perfect! The great thing about small towns are the very interesting people that you meet along the way, and the really weird things that you see. Here are the things that we saw, documented in pictures*:

Poker Runs America Posted by Hello

"Poker Runs America" is a crazy boat race that is both about, and has nothing to do with, speed. Basically the captains of the boats navigate from check point to check point. At each check point they get a playing card; at the end of all the check points they end up with enough cards to make up a poker hand. The person with the best poker hand wins. The only reason they speed is to show the others who has the biggest penis. God Love small town America

 Posted by Hello
Doesn't this look like a Scooby Doo hearse? I guess their last mystery didn't end up the way they planned.

 Posted by Hello
Beaver... hehehe... It would be even funnier if it were "Beaver variety Eat-Out"

 Posted by Hello
I think this picture speaks for itself!

I have to say that I've rediscovered weekends! I'm trying to make the most out of every weekend this summer, and will post more about some of the adventures that I encounter**!

* Milk (and anyone else reading this), click on the pics to get a closer look at the details.

** Wait until you read about what happened Canada Day weekend!


Adrian said...

Some REALLY funny pics!


Hulabelly said...

That's really awesome. I like the antique store.

Slade said...

hehe, you said Beaver

kitkat said...

I second Slade's comment. It's my experience that you should always take beaver out in order to eat it.

Anonymous said...

T. Dish,
"Wait till you hear what happened on Canada day Weekend" but the post was placed before Canada day weekend ever happened- So either
1. You make up all these stories just so you can have a blog
2.You are some sort of time travel demon
3.You stage things to happen in your life to make your blog more interesting
4.You have a rare disease that cause compulsive exageration of events to be told over the internet


tricia said...

Edamame... hehehe... I was wondering when you would return. You are absolutely, positively correct! I am a time traveller who can manipulate the space time continuum at will. Bow down to me. I see and know all...

Anonymous said...

T Dish
If you do infact see and know all, why don't you respond to my response to your next blog before I do!

So Boom.

b said...

haha i love stuff like that. I too am always on the lookout for ridiculous signs.

Slade said...

hey T, where the hell are ya girlfriend? missing your posts

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