Friday, June 03, 2005

Goog-lead up the ying yang

Goog-lead*: A string of words that will make your blog come up first in google's search string list.
I've seen other bloggers (kitkat and 123-I-love-you ) do this with some good results. It took me a few minutes to find mine (I was bored). My goog-lead is : Smokin' dubes

I dare you all to find yours!

(*) In case you were wondering goog-lead is my own made up word, I like it, do not make fun of me.


Adrian said...

Sounds interesting! I'll try it out...

Slade said...

mine is a combination of "vagina" and "Slade"
go figure

Johnny Blackberry said...

Google thought I meant "smokin' dudes". Apparently such dudes like eatin' barbeque and playing the guit'r: