Monday, May 30, 2005

I Love Piracy

Now don't get me wrong... stealing is baaaaaad! I work in the film industry, so I'm supposed to say how
piracy ruins my wellbeing as an arteeeeest...
Truth be told, as far as I know, whether you steal movies or not... I still get paid.

The thing I love about Piracy is the laziness. People who deal in pirated movies go through alot of trouble to get, and sell those movies, (it is illegal after all) yet they don't put that same effort into making the cover look good. This is where the laziness comes in. The following is probably one of the funniest things I've seen. Friends of mine brought home this gem from their honeymoon in Thailand. Now, before you start wondering why I'm getting so worked up about this movie (scratching your head, thinking "Sure Will Farrell is funny and all... but come on!!") Let me explain what I find so hilarious. Please click on the photos before reading on.

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I guess I should start with the obvious:

1) Who the hell is WELL FARRELL?! and why is he starring in a movie called "eif"? Do these people not have proofreaders? It's not like you could blame the language barrier here; his name should be the same in any country.

2) Under the list of actors supposedly in this movie, I have found Ashton Kutcher, and Amy Smart?! I think not...

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3) My favorite mistakes on this cover are the spelling errors:

"...It's big, GOANT sized family fun" hmmm... goant doesn't sound like a PG "family" word to me, it sounds more like a very dirty, "adult" amount of fun.

"fun bons features and games to excitr your imagination" they can spell imagination, but bonus and excite gave them trouble?

4) Lastly, the cover asks us to "open up front flap to see more!"... Now, if I had a dollar for every time I heard those words, I'd be a very rich woman(*)!

I can't imagine how easy it would have been for the pirates to edit that cover before sending it out to some poor crime underling to be sold on the streets of Bangkok. I guess the saying "you get what you pay for" rings true in this case, and a dollar... doesn't get you much.

(*)This may not be true, but darn it, it's my blog and I can live in any fantasy world that I like :)


Adrian said...

BRILLIANT!!- offmyblog


5* fun!- Adrian

All in all, an excellent read!

(Now excuse me while I nurse my sides that hurting from too much laughter)

kitkat said...

I love it.

Anonymous said...

I am strangely drawn to the inner ramblings of your mind....

Jason said...

These bootlegs are too funny, but seriously, the industry needs to find ways to get the price down and distribution widened. Run the inferior product off the market!

Slade said...

I can't believe you were able to guess that "bons" was "bonus" I was trying to figure out what they meant...thanks for translating! that was great

steph said...

Ohmigosh, WELL Farrell... Eif... who ARE these people!

Sidenote: I was in Cuba over Reading Week, and the official signs in the airport were mispelled... you would think people would get that straight!


Ryan said...

Sup Home-girl?!

I laughed my ass off at this post - I was going to blame it on their Englrish, but Well Farell, C'mon!

Richpoo said...

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