Saturday, April 09, 2005

Weapons of Mass Seduction

Strippers should be Sainted. O.K. So I'm probably going a bit overboard. Maybe not sainted (due to the fact that 1. There are a bazillion rules that prevent the ordinary Christian from being canonized and 2. The Church frowns upon nakedness). But. . . my heart is in the right place. Strippers should be given awards and accolades, they should be celebrated and revered, inducted into an athletes Hall of Fame! Why the sudden "call to arms" for strippers everywhere? Well, the truth is, I've just recently been introduced to the world of the "pole-dancing" workout; and OH MY GOD... This class has made me aware of muscles that I didn't even know existed in the human body. Now ladies, I know what you're thinking:
"Workout?! But those moves look like they don't take any energy or effort at all."
How wrong you would be. Think about it this way: when in our mundane lives would we ever be using the muscles that allow us to do this:

Never. Hence the obscene amounts of pain.

Feeling a little fearless (and maybe a lot stupid), I even attempted some of the crazier moves. All I got for my trouble was a WORLD of PAIN! Not to mention the fact that, as cute as I am, there was NO way I could look sexy, performing such acrobatics. I mean, upon hearing the sounds emanating from my "classmates" and me (even if you were presented with visuals) one might assume that you were in the presence of wild boars emerging (noisily) from the wild. Needless to say we laughed a lot and I would do it again in a second! However next time I will be better prepared. They say practice makes perfect... so "stop signs" and "light poles" everywhere, beware.


Anonymous said...

your picture is freakin hot girl. I'm very enticed by that mysterious look of yours. Even more mystified by the spandex leotard in your pics. Leotard is one of those words that you write and then question its spelling. Go Footloose!
Proud of you Trish,

The Gee Gee said...

does Mom know you been gettin all "freaky deaky"? lol just joking...i'm sure she supports your new found career ;)


Anonymous said...

Tricia whatever keeps you fit is okay in my books.

P.S. However if you get caught using a light pole to practice your stripping....I'm warning you now... I have no money to bail you out!

Luv ya lots,

Anonymous said...

WIFEY wrote: How come she has to look like a criminal in her picture! Can't she find a picture of herself in a happy place?


Anonymous said...

Trish, you're too funny. I'm picturing you instead of those girls on the poles and it's cracking me up. Now I'm picturing you with the expression in your photo and on the pole at the same time and this is getting funnier and funnier...keep up the messages, you brightened up my morning.


Anonymous said...

I got your msg from Sat. and I think the Lost comment you heard was from the beginning of the season, cause it sounds familiar to me. Can't wait for Alias tomorrow night!!

kitkat said...

I came here from Ryan's blog. I'm enjoying it thoroughly. I've heard about this pole-dancing craze and heard it was a great workout. But, hey, if all you had to do was that for a living, you could probably manage quite easily after a while, eh?