Thursday, April 07, 2005

Act 1 Scene 1: moi

Here we are in the beginning of what is to be my Blog. I have to say that I was confused by the whole concept of blog writing for a while, thinking that it was a place for sappy poetry and deep dark feelings. Thanks to a few hilarious blogs that I have recently been reading and a few episodes of Sex in the City, I have seen the error of my ways. This blog is really just going to be a way for me to stay in touch with many of my friends who live around the globe. So check back often, to see whatever transpires here! It might be funny, weird, or just depressingly mundane (a la Office). Either way, I’ll try to entertain.


Drew said...

sweet ass, glad you're on the net. Now, I'll finally know what my girlfriend is up to...

GSAM aka G-Sicka aka Chocolatique said...

Well Trish,

U never seize to amaze me...just when i think u couldn't be ANY go and do something BRILLIANT like this!

lol Love ya,


stephalicious said...

hiya honey pie

now which sex and the city episode are you talking about? and by the way, we should definitely get together and have a marathon! popcorn, sex and the city, men bashing...what else could a girl ask for on a typical friday night?