Monday, November 20, 2006

Londy, Londy, Londy!

On Tuesday, Jet lag was setting in so I got up late, took forever to get ready and walked all around London... Soho, Leicester Square, Covent Garden, The National Art Gallery... you name it, and I was probably there!

The National Gallery was very beautiful. Walking around its' grandiose halls listening to the free info-tape machine gave me a new appreciation for art of eras gone by.

Things you can learn about art at the National Gallery:

1) Sometimes the technique is more artful than the painting itself*
2) The rawness of a piece of art can be breathtaking
3) Artists do need math!
4) Just 'cause something's old, doesn't make it beautiful

Things you can learn after getting escorted out of the National Gallery:
1) When they say the gallery closes at 6pm, they mean it.
2) London at night looks very different than London during the day... and much harder to navigate around.
3) London is full of crazy, odd, or interesting people. Oh the people that you meet when you're walking down the street... the people that you meet each daaaaaaaaaay!**

* Seraut's dot matrix style of painting is an example of this. It is an interesting technique whereby he dips his brush in paint and dots the canvas. No color is mixed together yet somehow the finish product seems to be blended by your minds eye. Dots of red beside dots of yellow, appear as if orange... Very cool stuff.

** One such person: The talkative (read: crazy) woman in the coffee shop. She discusses the recent bomb-less-ness of the city with her invisible partner; intermittently informing the waitress that she is exotic, and looks good. She mentions that she doesn’t feel well, and has ordered a "steaming hot" (her words not mine) Apple pie with cream... LOTS of cream! There is so much cream, in fact, that it completely obstructs my view of the pie itself... I see mounds of cream, and columns of steam.

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Quel said...

Success. I'm officially jealous of your life. It sounds like you had a great time in London. I would love to visit. I think I might go next summer.