Sunday, January 15, 2006

Post night out blues

As I get older, the recuperation time after a night out lengthens exponentially. Where it used to take me an hour or two to feel rejuvenated... it now takes approximately 1 to 2 days...

Steps to curing the post night out blues:

Step 1: Get everything I could possibly need*, and place it all within an arm-lengths distance of the couch, or bed.
Step 2: Stay in my most comfy lounge wear(or get into it if I'm just getting in)
Step 3: Snuggle in under the blankets.

  • Remote Control

  • Kleenex

  • Food (non-perishable)

  • 2L bottle of water

  • 1L bottle of Ginger ale

  • That book that I've been trying, but failing, to read. ( just never know)

  • 80's Movies. i.e.: The Breakfast Club, Princess Bride, and my absolute favorite... Overboard (If nothing else, the clothes that were once considered hip, will make you feel better.)


Quel said...

Overboard...really?! Is that the Goldie Hawn movie?

Your ingredients sound like a perfect way to spend any day.

kitkat said...

I don't know how The Princess Bride could NOT make someone feel better :)

Ditto on the longer recuperation time. It sucks getting older.

Anonymous said...

Some of us get headaches....
Some of us make "john" are new best friend/boy friend....

And some of us take down x-mas trees like Kiefer "sexy as hell" Sutherland...