Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Weekend in the country

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There's nothing like a sunny weekend in the country, to recharge me in preparation for another lifeless week in the city. It's not that I have "nothing" to do in Toronto; It's just that most of my time here is spent doing things that I wish I didn't have to do (... working, paying bills, melting in the horrific humidity... and so on). The only respite from my dull existence is the "free flicks" at the Harbourfront, and my weekend trips to my friend’s cottage.

Free Flicks happens every Wednesday at the open air theatre down by the Toronto waterfront. Last week I went down there to watch JAWS. Now... I've seen this movie many times before, but seeing it on the BIG screen was AMAZING! Being by the water, and having so many people around, made it scary as hell! I don't get scared easily, but there I was yelping away, despite my attempts to play it cool.

As for the weekend trips to the cottage; I couldn't ask for anything more. I sleep, I eat, I drink, I swim, I drink some more, I look at horses, I jam on the guitar**, I drink some more, and then I sleep some more. There's really very little better than that.

Below, are pics of the horses at a neighboring farm. I think they look like 80's Rockstars, so the inner blogster in me was forced to take pictures:

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But now, I'm back in the city, resigned to my fate: WORK, or be poor FOREVER!!

**ok the boys jam and the girls sing. I only know how to play 7 chords on the guitar, so I can only play a few songs well.


Quel said...

Great that you saw 80's rockstars in the horses! The pictures are so funny...I see the resemblance. I'm in the same boat with you as far as limited guitar skills go. Guitar takes a lot of skill to play. I think if you can play a handful of chords, you're doing pretty good.

Jason said...

NYC shows movies on the big screen at Bryant Park in the Summer -- lots of fun. I know it's done around where I am, too, but I haven't found it yet.

london cokehead said...

Join the club kidda

kitkat said...

They do "Moonlight Movies" here for a few weeks too! So much fun! Great photos.

PINKSandROSES said...

haha when i was in high school my health teacher made us watch jaws for the first aide portion of the book cause he didn't want to teach. that was the easiest A i have ever gotten in my life!

Adrian said...

JAWS and IT scared the living bejeebies out of me as a kid.

I still cant swim alone (even in a frikkin pool) without freaking out.


Slade said...

I have my weekly rituals too...Tuesday nights is Jazz in the Park and then on Saturday nights all our friends come over and we have a themed dinner (Italian, Southern, ect) Everyone brings a dish...good luck with work, girl!

eano said...

this weekend the cottage country comes to toronto so you can debate going. wakestock is one of the best parties of the year, even with the humidity and overbearance of dudes that surface when "righteous wakeboarding season surfaces". Thats a quote from a dude.

nice blog....any blog that links the LCH and brock is bound to be good.