Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hot time in the city

That title sure makes this seem like a different kind of post, but alas... it's not. It's just that it's HOT... The kind of heat that makes you sweat even before you've done anything remotely related to moving. Needless to say, I haven't moved all that much this past weekend.

There is a thing that happens in the city, when it gets hot enough to fry something on the pavement...; men go into heat. Now this probably has alot to do with the fact that, in this type of weather, women tend to wear practically nothing in an attempt to cool off. We all know from experience that when a woman wears very little, men get... well... stupid. How else can you explain what makes a man deem it necessary to yell catcalls from their car at a woman who's minding her own business (and usually walking in the opposite direction)? What is it that they expect us to do? Do they think that they are so compelling that we'll just jump in with them at the mere sound of their voice? I've often wondered what a catcalling man would do if I did get into his car. I imagine it would go a little like this:

Guy: Hey Baby! You lookin' good enough to eat! Come over here and let's have some fun!
Me (walking up to the car): Ok, I think I will. Thanks for the compliment.
Guy (looking a little nervous): uhh... umm... ok...
Me (reaching for the door): What's the matter, I thought that you wanted us to have some fun?
Guy (looking towards the ground, thoroughly embarrassed and stuttering): Well... uh... It's just that I was... uh... on my way to work... and then I've got this appointment... so I don't really have time to... uh... have fun.
Me (barely containing my laughter): Well don't waste my time!

KC, my cousin, had a recent experience with a stupid man who does repairs in her building. He came up to her apartment to fix something, and when her mother left the apartment a little while later, he decided it might just be the right time to proposition her (creepy). Of course, when KC told him "no", he told her that if it was her mother that was keeping her from going out with him, then they wouldn't have to let her know. It could be their secret?!?! (super creepy *). It's extremely sad that he would actually think that the only thing standing in the way of getting his "dirty old man" hands on my cousin, was her mother... and not the fact that he's a creepy, old, and extremely unattractive man... He must be in heat!

*Side note: Mr. Repairman is probably under the delusion that he's not the least bit creepy (sort of like Jacko is of the delusion that having little boys sleep over in a grown man's bed isn't creepy at all!!- but don't get me started on that).


Anonymous said...

I don't understand. How come the cat-call guy didn't have time for you? Why wouldn't he let you get in his car? Was it cause of what you were wearing? Did he think you were a prostitute? Was your loving too expensive? It just doesn't add up!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah! What were you wearing to get him all worked-up?

Adrian said...


I find that women become a bit like that when they drink red wine...
(Or maybe its just a Scottish thing?)

kitkat said...

Everybody gets like that when they drink.

But, yeah, I too have always wondered what a man would really do if I stopped in mid-jog or pulled over to the side of the road to acquiesce to his advances. Men are weird, but then again, we are wearing next to nothing, right? I guess it's just affirmation that we "still got it." I don't know, I'm always flattered, no matter what the guy looks like.

tricia said...

M, and anonymous: sadly, I don't have to be wearing anything... wait that came out wrong. What I mean to say is that men don't need any provocation to hit on women. I've been hit on while wearing sweats, a t-shirt and my GLASSES! I've also been hit on while wearing a full snowsuit; go figure.

Adrian: you are so right. alcohol is definitely a social lubricant

KitKat: I will usually smile at almost any compliment. I too like to feel like I've still got it.

Anonymous said...


That creepy old man hitting on your cousin really creeped me out! She was actually alone at home with him! I would have run out screaming... she's pretty brave.


Jason said...

Pictures, please! ;-)

Slade said...

ok first of all you are CANADIAN...you don't know what hot is!!! hehe...just kidding! I am totally with you on the cat calling thing...I hate it when I am stopped at a red-light and the landscaping guys with no shirts on and dirt all over them come rolling up next to me practically hanging out the window...I pull up my car a little bit and then they pull up theirs and then I pull up mine...and you know the rest...I hate that!

Anonymous said...

I think that the fact that you are boasting about being hit on by a man while wearing sweats, a t-shirt and your GLASSES only goes to reflect poorly on the type of Cat-caller you attract! Personally when I choose to Holar at certain Senoritas it is because they reflect those qualities I find attractive in a lady! So based on your description the man who hit on you was looking for a lazy intelligent girl who isn't afraid to show her sloppy side!

Love M

Anonymous said...

Hey Kary!
I would of left, but he had no way of getting into the apartment. Just thnking about that day make my blood boil. Grrrrrrrrrr.......

tricia said...

M: You think I'm intelligent... awww... how sweet! Please impart your wisdom on the type of cat-caller a snowsuit would attract.

Slade: It was hotter here than in L.A last week, but now it is cold again. I'm starting to get scared that we will never have any "perfect" in-between weather!

Kary: I'd be running too. KC's got a courageous streak that she gets from her mom.

KC: see you sunday

Anonymous said...

Tricia- How cute that neglected to mention the sloppy and lazy parts... My guess would be that the cat-caller after you in a snow suit is looking for the element of surprise. It's like you are one big present all wrapped up. He just can't wait to open that suit... The best part is you can't tell what you get on the inside, until it's too late. (or maybe he just has childhood issues and is strangely attracted to the Micheline Tire Guy-type?)

tricia said...

M: You are so observant! (well... except when you're spelling).

You are probably right about the "Michelin man" thing; I seem to recall spotting that same guy hitting on Bonhomme a little later...(I was in Quebec City at the time)

Anonymous said...

How sad... To think the men that find you attractive also get turned on by Mascots. Maybe there is a future in the sports entertainment industry for you. Could be a promising career- You should definitely consider it.


Adrian said...

TRICIA: We miss you!


Debbie J said...

About the handyman--your cousin wasn't brave, she was foolish. While a somewhat tasteful catcall (the dif between, "Hey, baby, you look good enough to eat," and "Woo, Girl, you're lookin' good today!") can be flattering and fun, a man with a toolbox full of potential weapons, making verbal advances to a woman alone in an apartment is NOT something to be dismissed so easily--ask any woman who's been raped by someone she knew vaguely and considered "harmless," until it was too late!