Monday, May 16, 2005

Odd things around town

I may have been previously interested in seeing the "cirque de soleil-esque" extravaganza called Cavalia that is going on in Toronto right now. However, now that I've seen their tagline, I'm a little scared. The Cavalia posters around town claim that it is a "...magical encounter between man and horse". Now, call me crazy, but I was sure that, that kind of behavior was illegal?!?! Maybe I was mistaken! Chaque-un son gout!
On a streetcar I sit askew as a woman in front of me speaks confidently, and loudly while running her hands through her dandruff filled hair. I wonder if she would feel as confident if I mentioned her man-made, indoor snowfall.

Today Andrew and I went on a hike, out near Milton, Ontario (in the country). As I will soon be a year older, I thought it would be prudent to revisit childhood and the silly games that I used to play. I decided to throw myself down a grassy ski hill and roll all the way down to the bottom. I now realize how fruitless those games were. All you get out of it, is good and dizzy; a feat that could be accomplished with numerous shots and a good amount of dancing. I guess getting older means that you are wise enough to choose the latter. I'll definitely be choosing the latter this weekend, when my birthday celebrations begin. Happy birthday to me!!!!
On a final note, they've (a bunch of old men, long since dead) decided on the names of this seasons tropical storms and Hurricanes. Here is an excerpt of that list: Arlene, Dennis, Franklin, Gert and Wilma. My question is why can't we start incorporating more of today’s' names into that list? I'd love to see a hurricane LaToya Tameequa, or a Tropical storm Ludacris. Now those are names to be feared.


kitkat said...

Happy early birthday! I'm dreading mine...

Thanks for the heads up on the hurrican names. I'm sure they'll be visiting here in Florida this year. I'm not sure why all the names are indicative of white, trailer-trash families (no offense...heh). I think that's a not-so-subtle hint. I think hurricane Beyonce has a nice ring to it.

Slade said...

HA! Hurricane Beyonce would be awesome! Or maybe Hurricane Bungqueesha...this is what my black friend nick-named me in high school...when they found out that I could dance..even for a white girl! :-)
Happy Birthday, Tricia!!!!! Shoot one down for me! Preferably a Comacazi (sp?)

kris said...

For the love . . . where did Gert come from? That sounds like a woman who lived next door to Laura Ingalls back on the prairie.

For fun, tell anyone new you meet while out on your birthday that your name is Gert. And that you are lucky enough to have a hurricane named after you. "I'm Gert, and these are my friends Estelle, Mabel, and Woodrow."

Anonymous said...

Darling you are HIlarious. Mainly what I want to know is, why you're not phoning me and inviting me to see Antonio?! I promise to behave (and not push you like when we saw Brendan Frasier).



S to the B-Tizzle said...

ohh tricia! how our years of making fun of those crazy tamequa's and shaniqua, latesha, breshawna, darnesha, and of course Caprice...have paid off.
You can now poetically contemplate them in your blogs.

ur hilarious - cheers!